"All of the control projects that we are currently working on with TEXO have excellent ROI's. We save money every time they are in the mill"

May 2007 - Al Hitzroth, Mill Manager at Zellstoff-Celgar, Castlegar BC

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Tool Box

TEXO is an integrator of APC (Advanced Process Control) applications / solutions well equipped to deliver your next APC project.
In order to deliver APC custom solutions using the right technology while providing for an effective deployment, one requires a process control toolbox that is well equipped with such process control tools as:
  • Controller - PID
  • Extended Kalman Filter - EKF
  • Model Weighted Adaptative Controller - MWAC
  • Statistical Process Control - SPC
  • Model Predictive Controller - MPC
  • Cascaded Model Predictive Controller - CMPC
  • Fuzzy Logics - FZ
  • Neural Network - NN
  • MET™ Expert System - ES
Some of our high performance proprietary tools:
  • PROCID-X - a process identification tool to estimate and define linear dynamic model for a process unit
  • PRBS-X - an in-situ dynamic process excitement without interfering with normal operation to generate plant data
  • MPC - Model Predictive Controller for DCS in-situ deployment or through OPC connection
  • ALeX - Averaging Level Controller

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