Dn-X - Bleaching

Dn-X: Chlorine dioxide bleaching is the main bleaching chemical in bleaching of chemical pulp. MPC and/or sound regulatory process control allow the coordination of the variables that affect bleaching efficiency (pH, temp, residence time, kappa, brightness, chemical dosage). TEXO not only understands how these variables affect the chemical consumption, but also how their dynamic interactions affect your final brightness variability. Dn-X is a prerequisite step to BLEACH-X.

Competitive advantage? Our recognized expertise in bleaching gives our clients a direct access to fast track APC deployment at an affordable cost.
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X-TRACT: The first extraction stage is the cornerstone of efficient bleaching. TEXO standardizes the operation and testing of pH to minimize caustic usage at optimum tower discharge pH. X-TRACT is a prerequisite step to BLEACH-X. X-TRACT brings together our experience in instrumentation, chemistry and process control so you can enjoy the benefit of a trusted pH control with the right maintenance program.

BLEACH-X: BLEACH-X coordinates (advisory or supervisory) the different setpoints of the bleaching stages in order to optimize cost while meeting the pulp machine brightness target.

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