TEXO Consulting and Controls Inc. is an integrator of Advanced Process Control (APC) solutions that establishes a partnership with your production teams to achieve a shared objective: raise productivity. We believe that a high level of acceptance and utilization of our solutions is the key for success. Highlights of our approach:

TEXO understands
We listen to your needs, define your problematic, find the root cause and together we implement the appropriate solution. Our process audit and interview of people together with our data analysis capabilities ensure a wealth of experience at your service.

TEXO improves
We find the right process control tools for your needs. We deployed according to your resources and timeline. We implement advanced control solution above operational regulatory control, so we check your foundation before tackling the renovation. Our X-solutions are deployed either directly onto your DCS (Distributed Control System) or through OPC (OLE for Process Control).

TEXO delivers
We measure and monitor the Key Performance Index (KPI) of our applications. We ensure that the results are sustainable, that the Return on Investment (ROI) are met, and that you continue to keep your savings, day in day out!

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