"All of the control projects that we are currently working on with TEXO have excellent ROI's. We save money every time they are in the mill"

May 2007 - Al Hitzroth, Mill Manager at Zellstoff-Celgar, Castlegar BC

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Advanced process control automation

With more than 40 years of experience in P&P, our engineers will support you.
P&P is our main specialty. With process expertise ranging from the wood chip and wastepaper all the way to the wet-end of paper machine, TEXO is your missing link in process control automation.

Process Control Engineering

  • Validation of P&I diagrams
  • Control engineering (SAMA logics)
  • Programming support (Bailey, Foxboro, Delta-V, ProvoX, Allen-Bradley,…
  • Integration to existing DCS logics
  • Focused operational training

Measurement & Instrumentation

  • Needs analysis & product comparison
  • Recommend the right measurement at the right location for the right application
  • Start-up support
  • Virtual sensors

Process with Process Control

  • Feasibility study (ROI)
  • Process troubleshooting
  • Design of custom control strategy
  • Control loop tuning

Regulatory and Advanced Process Control

  • Operational functionality of primary regulatory controls
  • Implementation of custom APC applications
  • Monitoring of deployed APC applications
  • Maintenance of APC applications

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