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Our Strategic Alliances

Paprican (Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada), founded in 1925, is a leading not-for-profit R&D research, educational and technology institute that provides valuable technology transfer and cost-competitive research addressing both the strategic needs of its Members. Paprican has offices and laboratories both in Quebec and British Columbia.

As such, TEXO licensed the advanced process control applications from Paprican. TEXO commercializes and ensure continued development of advanced process control applications such as

Lime Kiln CMPC (commercialized as a version of KILN-X)
ClO2 Generator advanced control (integrated as part of GEN-X)
ALeC - Averaging Level Control (commercialized as AleX)
PROCID - Process Identification tool (commercialized as PROCID-X)

Members of Paprican continue to enjoy membership benefits. TEXO guards the technology, and ensures the support and continued development of the licensed technologies.

SGS Advanced System is a world leader in Expert Systems for the mining industry, thanks to its acquisition of MinnovEX, a Toronto based company. The MinnovEX Expert Technology - MET is an expert system that consists in an inference and reasoning engine and a knowledge base mainly for the Mines & Metals - M&M industry.

Of interest to TEXO is SGS Advanced System's ability to deploy such expert system in the M&M industry. With more than 45 MET Expert Systems deployed, SGS Advanced Systems' methodology makes them a strong partner for the Americas.

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