GEN-X - CIO2 Generator

GEN-X: Using first order model originally developed by FPInnovations-Paprican, the liquor composition is stoichiometrically ratioed to optimize the conversion of chlorate to chlorine dioxide by integrating lab test or analyzer signal of chlorate and acid residual. GEN-X is deployed under license directly into any mill DCS.

GEN-X applies to any methanol, SO2 or peroxyde based ClO2 generator with or without acid recirculation. TEXO provides the control interface; you operate the ClO2 generator as you please.

The GEN-X suite comprises of several modules:
  • RATIO of chemical feeds
  • Mechanistic LEVEL control
  • LIQUOR composition control of chlorate and acid residual (FPInnovations-Paprican)
  • PRODUCTION rate control with ALeX (FPInnovations-Paprican)
  • Acid RECIRCATION control
  • ABSORPTION control
TEXO licensed the chlorine dioxide generator advanced control (GEN-X LIQUOR and ALeX-PRODUCTION) from FPInnovations-Paprican.

TEXO commercializes and provides field deployment of the full GEN-X solutions.

Members of FPInnovations-Paprican continue to enjoy membership benefits.

TEXO ensures the support and continued development of GEN-X.

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