KILN-X - Lime Klin

KILN-X: Using CMPC (Cascaded Model Predictive Control) deployed directly onto the DCS (Distributed Control System) as originally developed by FPInnovations-Paprican KILN-X orchestrates the complex relationship of fuel, air, temperature, long residence time with excess oxygen to allow optimum production of active lime at lowest fuel cost. KILN-X can also be deployed on OPC Server. We look for fuel savings everywhere (gun, dust, lime mud filter…).

The dynamic monitoring of key performance indicators (KPI), helps optimize your combustion, reduces fuel consumption and GHG (Green House Gases).

TEXO licensed the advanced lime kiln CMPC (Cascaded Model Predictive Control) control and PROCID (Process Identification tool) from FPInnovations-Paprican.

TEXO commercializes and provides field deployment of the full KILN-X solutions.

Members of FPInnovations-Paprican continue to enjoy membership benefits.

TEXO ensures the support and continued development of KILN-X.

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