X-TRACT & Dn-X: 10% increase in bleach plant throughput.

"All of the control projects that we are currently working on with TEXO have excellent ROI's. We save money every time they are in the mill"

May 2007 - Al Hitzroth, Mill Manager at Zellstoff-Celgar,
Castlegar BC


"The GEN-X project helped us for the stability of our ClO2 generator operation. As a result, the increase in chlorate conversion efficiency reduced our chemicals cost. The savings are sustainable. All objectives were met."

David Labrecque, Production Engineer, SFK Pâte S.E.N.C.,
St-Félicien QC


 X-TRACT & Dn-X: 20% in bleaching cost reduction.

"We had most of the tools, but too many issues with our upflow diffusion bleach plant. With TEXO, we're taking steps to produce more tons of better quality at lower cost. The strategy to get there was perfectly laid out over time and we felt part of it. Each strategic intervention leads to more sustainable cost saving."

April 2007 - Joe Chircoski, Fiberline Coordinator at Zellstoff-Celgar,
Castlegar BC

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