"All of the control projects that we are currently working on with TEXO have excellent ROI's. We save money every time they are in the mill"

May 2007 - Al Hitzroth, Mill Manager at Zellstoff-Celgar, Castlegar BC

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REFIN-X - Refiner

REFIN-X: Using probes and/or virtual sensors and MPC (Model Predictive Controller), REFIN-X reduces the pulp quality variability by controlling the refining intensity and the applied energy. Reducing the variability allows a reduction in specific energy and maximizes production according to the allowed power. Similarly, pulp quality stabilization brings a positive gain to the paper machine OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

REFIN-X takes on the challenge of managing disturbances such as wood density and chip moisture to maintain the refiner lines stability while producing quality pulp. This requires a deep understanding of the principle and operation of refining when we reach the technical limit of the refiners.

The different REFIN-X modules handle main line refiners as well as reject refiners.

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